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Article: MultiPot
Family: MultiPot
Year: 2005
Designer: Dante Donegani - Giovanni Lauda
MultiPot belongs to a new generation of lighting objects and is the first of our Rotaliana products to combine lighting with other functions. This hybrid, multifunctional lamp combines a LED ambient light with a multisocket, along with a space to tidy cables in the lamp’s vase.
MultiPot provides new comfort levels, both in the home and at work by catering for both old and new requirements: our habit of emptying keys and other personal items, from pockets into containers, with new requirements to manage our increased use of rechargeable multimedia equipment, home computers and the transformation of televisions into home theatres.
With its familiar looks, lighting function and translucent finish (to filter the light while masking the electric cables), MultiPot is a picture of elegant functionality.

Available colours:
Technical data: MultiPot.pdf
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